“cri de coeur”

i’ll admit it. when it comes to fashion writing i sometimes pull a “skip to the pictures” if the text gets too long. cuz let’s face it, in fashion it’s the money shot that counts. the show is the manifesto, i don’t need to read one. but i actually made it all the way through this GQ article on marc jacobs! [gold star plz.] haha. it’s really, really good. the best interviews are the ones where the reader comes away with a genuine connection with the subject, or at least when they get to see an honest[ish] depiction of them. i mean, sure, kaiser karl is fascinating in that crazy, warhol-esque, i-only-eat-algae-and-employ-a-professional-shoe-tier sort of way. but i don’t feel any sort of empathy or connection with him when i read that stuff. it’s amusing, but does it seem genuine? no. it comes off as contrived and cold. just because these top designers have internationally recognized names and faces doesn’t mean they don’t give off human warmth. well except for karl, i read that he is actually half-reptile and cold-blooded. anyhow, check out the article if you want to learn more about marc and hear about him giving his personal trainer a really cute present. or just look at the picture.

also, cathryn horyn recently blogged poetic about marc and the genius behind his ads [and one of my personal favorites] – juergen teller; check it.




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well i’m glad

that the marc jacobs i know and love is still rockin shit out at marc by mj, cuz i don’t know WHAT is going on with the marc jacobs and louis v lines. i mean i’m all about bringing art and architecture into fashion; i’m definitely of the fashion is art school. but it still has to look good! that’s kind of the point, right? so i was glad [relieved?] to see this collection, because it’s just plain COOL – the word i like to associate with marc. [versus, say, WTF?] there’s a definite punk vibe, but in the 80’s new wave vein rather than the smokey-eyed street chic of alexander wang. here are some of my favorites: 

i love the pops of blue and green against the black and grey. it reminds me of marc’s blue hair; i wish he would have kept it!

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