may flowers

wore this for starbucks with a friend today. you can’t really see the skirt print in the first picture so i took an up-close one. i got it at hollister for like $15 a few years ago ’cause i loved the print so much, hah.

my friend/photographer alecia should be moving here in a week or so, so hopefully better pictures are on the way!


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dress up

man, if i were a size zero i would totally attempt to squeeze into this kid sized phillip lim collection from neiman marcus.

[is anyone else totally freaked out by the idea of kids modeling? brings to mind crazy pageant moms and whatnot…]





sadly even the mini me collection is a bit above my price range. SIGH.

the man is a genius, truly. and i’d love to know who styles the lookbooks for his site because i am enamored. i would give anything to get that “i look amazing yet totally casual and cool” look that they put together.

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holy copycats, batman!

delia’s batman scroll tee


luella spring/summer ’08

yeah, i think it may have been inspired…

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sienna i fuckin loike yor fuckin outfit

so i know sienna miller and the whole boho scene are like sooo out or whatever, but i have to say that besides the bag i really dig this outfit. it fits the occasion [coachella] and i LOVE that dress; i wish i knew who made it. kelly osbourne [wtf, right?] on the other hand… FAIL!

so opinions – sloppy chic or just sloppy?

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pretty young things

while i’ll take my office over the much hyped gossip girl any day, [thursdays, actually], i will admit that these girls are both gorgeous and i am insanely jealous of their newfound access to the fashion world. here they are rocking some amaaaazing threads at the nylon shoot:

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lumberjack chic

i love this outfit. i want to get a flannel to work into outfits somehow but i’m not sure i can pull it off quite so well as this chick. [cory kennedy’s cousin? hah kiiiiding.]


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agyness in male form???

and how cute are these two? :D

love grey and pink together.

aaand a randomly awesome photo of charlotte on a piano. :)

via facehunter and fashionista

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cheap and easy

i really need to iron this tunic/dress/whatever. [only $15 at gap!]
too bad last time i tried to iron something i ended up burning the carpet.
guess i’m not meant to be a housewife.

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ralph does the olympics

vogue reports that ralph lauren will be designing the uniforms for the 2008 olympics. athletes will also recieve a tricked out custom wardrobe to wear out of the arena.

maybe something like this sporting getup?

“whaddaya mean you can’t high jump in these boots?!?!”

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