“cri de coeur”

i’ll admit it. when it comes to fashion writing i sometimes pull a “skip to the pictures” if the text gets too long. cuz let’s face it, in fashion it’s the money shot that counts. the show is the manifesto, i don’t need to read one. but i actually made it all the way through this GQ article on marc jacobs! [gold star plz.] haha. it’s really, really good. the best interviews are the ones where the reader comes away with a genuine connection with the subject, or at least when they get to see an honest[ish] depiction of them. i mean, sure, kaiser karl is fascinating in that crazy, warhol-esque, i-only-eat-algae-and-employ-a-professional-shoe-tier sort of way. but i don’t feel any sort of empathy or connection with him when i read that stuff. it’s amusing, but does it seem genuine? no. it comes off as contrived and cold. just because these top designers have internationally recognized names and faces doesn’t mean they don’t give off human warmth. well except for karl, i read that he is actually half-reptile and cold-blooded. anyhow, check out the article if you want to learn more about marc and hear about him giving his personal trainer a really cute present. or just look at the picture.

also, cathryn horyn recently blogged poetic about marc and the genius behind his ads [and one of my personal favorites] – juergen teller; check it.




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daily dose of irreverence

so today i stumbled on something that everyone has probably known about for a long time [as i often do] but just in case you’re like me and haven’t discovered it yet, i present the hilariousity of fashionindie’s “stuff fashion people like.” if you are truly an ignoramous [aka you have a life and don’t spend your time perusing the internet for amusement aka not me] and haven’t heard of the “stuff white people like” blog, you might want to check that out first.

i love it when people can laugh at themselves, and in the fashion industry i think you have to be able to. because yeah, it can be beautiful and artistic and powerful but it can also be re-fucking-diculous. [jumpsuits, anyone? giant carousels?] here’s a taste.

from stuff fashion people like #8 – marc jacobs:

“If you ever plan to become a fashion person, you must know Marc Jacobs. Granted most of his work is a bit overrated and, true, if you compared him to other big designers, his overall influence to the world of fashion is neligable (unless you consider making “grunge” expensive an accomplishment), but never, ever, under any circumstances say this to a fashion person. Such remarks are considered heresy and could result in a public flogging or worse, expulsion to the standing room section of a New York fashion show.
The best way to reference Jacobs is as gospel. Statements like “Marc F:07 reminded us of the importance of accessories. Praise Marc.” or “Marc S:05 gave new meaning to the mini. Praise Marc.” are acceptable ways to reference the designer while still maintaining your respect for his divinity.”

tee hee. ;)

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