summertiiiiiiiiiime and the livin’s eazy

everything you need for a lazy summer afternoon.
[except SPF, of course!]


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i can be your hero babehhhhh…

gag, hate that song.

the results are in from the costume institue’s gala, and i have to say they aren’t horribly exciting. then again i am sitting at home on my computer in sweats blogging about it aren’t i? sigh…
[kidding of course, i always wear an oscar de la renta gown and six inch louboutin’s when i blog.]

here’s my girl stam lookin flyyyyyyy as usual:


liv tyler looking uh-mazing in calvin klein:


and anna being anna in chanel:


view tons more here.

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so today i officially became the last person in my visually-challenged family to get glasses. they’re not too horribley stylish, but not unnattractive either. anyhow it got me thinking about the recent craze for fake eyeglasses. only our generation, who has glorified fancy dental gear [read: grillz], would actually don purposeless eyewear. then again, it does look pretty cool:


and i certainly wouldn’t kick cole mohr out of bed for faking it. [zing!]

so what’s your opinion? is it stupid to wear fake glasses or are they a legitimate accessory?

btw if you’re of the latter mindset, you KNOW the kids at urban are all over that shit. get yer “risky readers” for fourteen bucks and maybe the misshapes will start hanging out with you.

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natalie portman and devendra banhart…
the sex tape every pitchfork staffer is waiting for.

nice work devban, nat’s a cutie! :D

more here, here, and here

ahh, how frickin cute is that phillip lim dress?

this cute:


3.1 phillip lim pinch back gathered dress @ la garconne
[y’know, if you’ve got 500 bucks to spare.]

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“fashion fused with comfort for the ultimate summer style!”

yep. the heeled croc cyprus. for all your evening/gardening needs.

 and you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

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modern amusement

bronzed boba fett pez dispenser

ganked from urban’s blog :D

and here’s a sample of my new favorite time waster – failblog:

it’s like the “dont’s” section of vice but with less hipsters and more hilariousity.

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