skull set

is it weird that going to h&m always makes me wish i were a boy?
i snatched this tee from the men’s section. :)


a nice comfy outfit to take a five hour AP test in.


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may flowers

wore this for starbucks with a friend today. you can’t really see the skirt print in the first picture so i took an up-close one. i got it at hollister for like $15 a few years ago ’cause i loved the print so much, hah.

my friend/photographer alecia should be moving here in a week or so, so hopefully better pictures are on the way!

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cheap and easy

i really need to iron this tunic/dress/whatever. [only $15 at gap!]
too bad last time i tried to iron something i ended up burning the carpet.
guess i’m not meant to be a housewife.

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out with friends

oh h&m, how i love thee.
found this dress for ten bucks on the sale rack. :)

again, i sincerely apologize for the cell phone pics, but my budget does not allow for digital camera replacement at the moment. or anything else, for that matter.

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noir et gris



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half price sushi night

hell yeah. 

little sister’s review: “oh my god those shoes do NOT match.”

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heard in the halls:

“BLUE pants?!”

can i get a hell yeah from the suburbs?

five months until my escape from the land of uggs and hideous coach bags…

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spring please!



i can’t wait ’til i can wear this tank without anything underneath.

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chai on the cheap

so nylon got the scoop on the new target go! designer. iiiit’s… richard chai.
i’m not terribly excited, one because i’m not a huge chai fan and two because i haven’t been extremely impressed by any of the go! collections. i can buy better stuff for just as cheap from h&m and forever21. why buy “designer” lines at target when i can buy stolen designer ideas of better quality at the mall? the two items i have purchased from the go! collections are a denim skirt from the paul + joe line which was a total mistake [the owls on the pockets suckered me in], and this shirt from the geniuses at proenza schouler, which i actually like and wore today:


with my favorite plum colored cons :D

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