seriously emile, call me.

costume institute gala review w/ photos courtesy of

wee ooh wee ooh, babe alert:


   ed westwick


emiiiiiiile marry me hirsch


chace crawford


zac posen



thom browne – ummmmm, what?


j. lo looks crazy old and matronly here. plus her husband is insanely creepy looking.



stammy in proenza schouler


lou doillon in marni


i just liked the crazy shoes


jordan dunn in bill blass w/ peter som


sasha in rag and bone


mary j. blige in micheal kors


cfda director steven kolb


rosie huntington-whiteley in burberry


daphne guinnes in l’wren scott with the freakishly tall l’wren herself


christy turlington in escada


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i can be your hero babehhhhh…

gag, hate that song.

the results are in from the costume institue’s gala, and i have to say they aren’t horribly exciting. then again i am sitting at home on my computer in sweats blogging about it aren’t i? sigh…
[kidding of course, i always wear an oscar de la renta gown and six inch louboutin’s when i blog.]

here’s my girl stam lookin flyyyyyyy as usual:


liv tyler looking uh-mazing in calvin klein:


and anna being anna in chanel:


view tons more here.

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kind of different to see her looking so feminine, but of course she looks amazing no matter what.






via fotodecadent

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so today i officially became the last person in my visually-challenged family to get glasses. they’re not too horribley stylish, but not unnattractive either. anyhow it got me thinking about the recent craze for fake eyeglasses. only our generation, who has glorified fancy dental gear [read: grillz], would actually don purposeless eyewear. then again, it does look pretty cool:


and i certainly wouldn’t kick cole mohr out of bed for faking it. [zing!]

so what’s your opinion? is it stupid to wear fake glasses or are they a legitimate accessory?

btw if you’re of the latter mindset, you KNOW the kids at urban are all over that shit. get yer “risky readers” for fourteen bucks and maybe the misshapes will start hanging out with you.

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irina and company

i love how most of my favorite models are friends.
now if only they would be friends with meeeeeeee…

call me, lazars!











so cool.

photos via gwene, fan gab, wuwoos, matt irwin, squidgen, and teamsugar

[ps: if i’ve thieved from your fashion files and forgotten to link you, holler at meh and i’ll sing your praises asap.]

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we’re ch-uh-ained, we’re ch-aaaaained

speaking of erin wasson [well i was, anyway] i’ve been hearing a lot about her new jewelry line, lovelux. now i love erin and her work with alexander wang, but does anyone else think it’s kind of stupid? i mean i dig the crown of thorns, because, come on, that’s just awesome, but body chains? just the phrase evokes images such as this:


if you didn’t just throw up in your mouth a little, we probably can’t be friends.

the chains are supposed to go for around a thousand dollars, which is friggen ridiculous. but because i like erin and i love alex, here are some fun vids to watch:

nylontv + alexander wang
who what wear fashion week
refinery29 my style
style studio with erin and alex


more info on insanely overpriced body jewelry and insansely cool models/skaters turned stylists from elle, more pictures at fashiontoast

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model ink

so i was perusing images and trivia about my favorite models on the model manual at, when i found this photo of freja: [who, by the way, the model manual classifies under “bad girl” status]


the tattoo says “float”, and i like it a lot. here is a great post by tinzzle that documents all [hmm… maybe not…] eight of freja’s tattoos, all of which are really cool. i did some sleuthing [read: googling] and found that some of my other favorite models have tattoos:

^ daria’s foot

more daria
erin wasson’s ink

and of course my lover cole’s sexy but confusing tattoos:


here is a thread on the fashion spot about models with tattoos and here is an article in the cut about model ink

i’m all for tattoos as long as they aren’t tacky. freja’s are really simple and cool. which is to be expected, i suppose:


…girl crush!

i’ll have to do a post on all my favorite models soon.
i wonder if it says anything about me that most of them are classified as “bad girls”… tee hee.

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