skull set

is it weird that going to h&m always makes me wish i were a boy?
i snatched this tee from the men’s section. :)


a nice comfy outfit to take a five hour AP test in.


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in which ruby smallbone = the shit

seriously, is that not the coolest name ever? and the clothes! agh, so amazing. i wish my local borders carried more australian fashion mags. of course i’m always too cheap to cough up the cash for the international rags so i just devour them in store and go home with my five dollar anthem mag. i swear when i have some sort of real career i will have about ten magazines being delivered to my door every day. i’m addicted! :D now here’s some more from australian fashion week:


cute name? pink, black and grey? i’m in.






michelle jank

bird graphics and bare feet? hell yeah.





ruby smallbone 

coolest name + coolest clothes ever? yesssss.








incredibley inventive and exciting? nah.
some incredibly cute dresses and shorts? aw yeah.




frisoni finetti

some weird samurai hair and one incredibley frightening model?
[seriously guy, no offense, but you scare the shit out of me.]
all is forgiven because of the bombass clothes.








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