modern amusement

bronzed boba fett pez dispenser

ganked from urban’s blog :D

and here’s a sample of my new favorite time waster – failblog:

it’s like the “dont’s” section of vice but with less hipsters and more hilariousity.


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urban decay

sometimes this is what it feels like to be alive:

i really love amy casey’s work. it’s kind of sad and eerie but hopeful at the same time. and she lives in cleveland! [near me.] not sure why anyone would choose to move there, but if it inspires these paintings then i can’t complain. :)

March 23, 2008. art. 3 comments.

for your viewing pleasure

the excellent photographic images of cass bird

the lovely fashion-inspired illustrations of kelly smith

aww i miss gemma. :(

and the amazingly intricate and beautiful paper sculptures of su blackwell

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