emily, student, 18 years of age


i furnish my wardrobe on about 250 bucks per month.
being destitute AND fashionable is quite a predicament, but as TG says, i make it work.

stuck in the suburbs of northeast ohio until september, when i will be moving to chicago, attending depaul university, spending myself into a black hole of debt and hopefully figuring out what the fuck i’m going to do with my life.

i think chanel is overrated.

likes: music, intelligent conversation, humor, a good pair of jeans, sweatshirts, foreign languages, the office, food, learning, photography, style, design, literacy, NYLON MAGAZINE

dislikes: excessive texting, illiteracy, crocs, uggs, rhinestones, narrow minds, mathematics 



The Libertines – Skint and Minted

Well you’re an evil swine but I like your style
The wiggle in your walk and the silver in your smile

You got it right, no you got it wrong
Live outside your head, live inside a song
Oh love, these long lost weekends falling over me
Now an outline is all I can see

We’re skint and minted
Had it on the dole
Been piling it on
We’re skint and minted
Running round the city
With virtually nothing on

Oh, you’re a swine but I like your style
I like the wiggle in your walk and the silver in your smile


One Comment

  1. Jason replied:

    NICE BLOG! How come you never dress up this classy?

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