destitution through globalization – thanks internet!

since really delving into the world of online fashion [a necessity when one lives in a cultural black hole] i have developed a certain desire. i’ve found myself in desperate need of learning swedish, dutch, and danish. with all these awesome scandinavian fashion sites i constantly find myself in the predicament of “you look so cute but i haven’t the slightest idea what you are saying!” it’s truly an international travesty.

shopping, however, is a language which i consider universal. no matter what language you speak, conveying the message “I WANT THAT” is certainly do-able. and i want almost every item on youheshe‘s online store. youheshe is based in denmark, and carries everything from vanessa bruno and sass&bide to brands you’ve never heard of. the site’s design is artsy but clean and well organizd, something i am a total sucker for. cute clothes but disorganized site? i’m out. not a problem for youheshe, which organizes their stuff by designer, catagory, and then color. here’s a sampling:

american vintage dress                             arena 10 phantom ring


rika t-shirt dress                                               rasta silk dress


sabrina dehoff bunny necklace                        malababa clutch


athé by vanessa bruno tank                          superfine tank

and here are some extremely practical danish words that i picked up:

naeste = next        
sko = shoes
alle = all                
tasker = bags
smykker = jewelry

any of you nordic kids, feel free to throw me some vocab words. :)


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