so today i officially became the last person in my visually-challenged family to get glasses. they’re not too horribley stylish, but not unnattractive either. anyhow it got me thinking about the recent craze for fake eyeglasses. only our generation, who has glorified fancy dental gear [read: grillz], would actually don purposeless eyewear. then again, it does look pretty cool:


and i certainly wouldn’t kick cole mohr out of bed for faking it. [zing!]

so what’s your opinion? is it stupid to wear fake glasses or are they a legitimate accessory?

btw if you’re of the latter mindset, you KNOW the kids at urban are all over that shit. get yer “risky readers” for fourteen bucks and maybe the misshapes will start hanging out with you.


April 15, 2008. Tags: , , , . dudes, models, products, random.


  1. Chelsey replied:

    my opinion: for the most part, i think they’re cute as hell, but sometimes, people take them a little overboard and just look fashionably… er, stupid? challenged? whatev.
    anywho, i’m psyched to see these new specs of yours, so you best be pleasuring me via myspace picture soon.

  2. Jason replied:


  3. Brit replied:

    I’m not a fan. I only like Chloe’s, and that’s because she can do no wrong. I hate that AA sells them for gobs of money when the people who originally started wearing them got them from random thrift stores for a buck.

  4. Crystal replied:

    who is the guy in the very last photo? i really like his glasses, i’m on a hunt for those exact glasses haha

  5. chrisM replied:

    You just made yourself seem like such an idiot… first of all, several of those people ACTUALLY wear glasses. Also, i doubt someone going to misshapes would buy those piece of shit fake Ray Bans that you linked in this post.

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