the united states of fug

should have seen this coming. too bad crocs didn’t come out before the ’04 election, this picture could have been kerry’s ultimate anti-bush campaign weapon. also: are those presidential SOCKS?!

i’ve read some things about jared leto being a total asshole, but i always brushed that and his shitty music off because of how awesome and sexy he was in requiem. but this, this i can’t ignore.

wee oo wee oo, it’s the douchebag alarrrrrrrrm!

thanksĀ stylelist


April 11, 2008. Tags: , , , . dudes, products.


  1. Vision replied:

    Jared has painful gout which affects the joints after his rapid weight loss of 67lbs from playing Mark David Chapman in the film “Chapter 27”. It was painful for him to wear regular shoes. He still mostly wears Vans and trainers now.
    Criticizing someone’s appearance is extremely shallow, it has nothing to do with who they are as a person or if in fact they may have some reason for wearing comfortable attire.
    Don’t believe everything you read about Jared’s personality. He is a genuinely nice and caring individual who is very passionate about whatever project he is working on.In addition he is very gracious and humble.

  2. emily replied:

    hahaaa best comment so far!

    i’ll assume you are one of mr. leto’s close personal aquaintences and spend lots and lots of time with him. tell him i’m deeply sorry that he HAS to wear crocs, but that there is no excuse for that ridiculous red and black band around his neck.

    and yeah, this blog is about things of aesthetic value, so it can be as deliciously shallow as i want it to be. :D


  3. Jason replied:

    Did this inspiration for ripping on crocs come from the Maddox site?


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