sienna i fuckin loike yor fuckin outfit

so i know sienna miller and the whole boho scene are like sooo out or whatever, but i have to say that besides the bag i really dig this outfit. it fits the occasion [coachella] and i LOVE that dress; i wish i knew who made it. kelly osbourne [wtf, right?] on the other hand… FAIL!

so opinions – sloppy chic or just sloppy?


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pretty young things

while i’ll take my office over the much hyped gossip girl any day, [thursdays, actually], i will admit that these girls are both gorgeous and i am insanely jealous of their newfound access to the fashion world. here they are rocking some amaaaazing threads at the nylon shoot:

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lumberjack chic

i love this outfit. i want to get a flannel to work into outfits somehow but i’m not sure i can pull it off quite so well as this chick. [cory kennedy’s cousin? hah kiiiiding.]


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agyness in male form???

and how cute are these two? :D

love grey and pink together.

aaand a randomly awesome photo of charlotte on a piano. :)

via facehunter and fashionista

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cheap and easy

i really need to iron this tunic/dress/whatever. [only $15 at gap!]
too bad last time i tried to iron something i ended up burning the carpet.
guess i’m not meant to be a housewife.

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ralph does the olympics

vogue reports that ralph lauren will be designing the uniforms for the 2008 olympics. athletes will also recieve a tricked out custom wardrobe to wear out of the arena.

maybe something like this sporting getup?

“whaddaya mean you can’t high jump in these boots?!?!”

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“cri de coeur”

i’ll admit it. when it comes to fashion writing i sometimes pull a “skip to the pictures” if the text gets too long. cuz let’s face it, in fashion it’s the money shot that counts. the show is the manifesto, i don’t need to read one. but i actually made it all the way through this GQ article on marc jacobs! [gold star plz.] haha. it’s really, really good. the best interviews are the ones where the reader comes away with a genuine connection with the subject, or at least when they get to see an honest[ish] depiction of them. i mean, sure, kaiser karl is fascinating in that crazy, warhol-esque, i-only-eat-algae-and-employ-a-professional-shoe-tier sort of way. but i don’t feel any sort of empathy or connection with him when i read that stuff. it’s amusing, but does it seem genuine? no. it comes off as contrived and cold. just because these top designers have internationally recognized names and faces doesn’t mean they don’t give off human warmth. well except for karl, i read that he is actually half-reptile and cold-blooded. anyhow, check out the article if you want to learn more about marc and hear about him giving his personal trainer a really cute present. or just look at the picture.

also, cathryn horyn recently blogged poetic about marc and the genius behind his ads [and one of my personal favorites] – juergen teller; check it.



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so today i officially became the last person in my visually-challenged family to get glasses. they’re not too horribley stylish, but not unnattractive either. anyhow it got me thinking about the recent craze for fake eyeglasses. only our generation, who has glorified fancy dental gear [read: grillz], would actually don purposeless eyewear. then again, it does look pretty cool:


and i certainly wouldn’t kick cole mohr out of bed for faking it. [zing!]

so what’s your opinion? is it stupid to wear fake glasses or are they a legitimate accessory?

btw if you’re of the latter mindset, you KNOW the kids at urban are all over that shit. get yer “risky readers” for fourteen bucks and maybe the misshapes will start hanging out with you.

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irina and company

i love how most of my favorite models are friends.
now if only they would be friends with meeeeeeee…

call me, lazars!











so cool.

photos via gwene, fan gab, wuwoos, matt irwin, squidgen, and teamsugar

[ps: if i’ve thieved from your fashion files and forgotten to link you, holler at meh and i’ll sing your praises asap.]

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