good vibrations

two awesome lookbooks for spring:

mike and chris

i’m obsessed with the edwin dress, above.


sunshine and shadow

i’m a huge fan of sunshine & shadow. everything looks so fresh and cool and modern without trying too hard. i love the prints and the square buttons in the spring collection. definitely could have picked better shoes for this though.


March 15, 2008. lines.


  1. Brit replied:

    I adore Mike and Chris. I am obsessed with their hooded leather jackets. I was so obsessed last year that I scoured eBay for weeks trying to find a vintage replica (finally did! so worth it!). Never heard of Sunshine and Shadow but loving what I see.

  2. Meg replied:

    The shoes aren’t to my taste either, but I think they give the outfits a certain nonchalance. I love how wearable these designs look though, simple but lovely.

  3. al replied:

    I’m requesting a mary kate blog mammm

  4. Jason replied:

    those shoes are totally 1980s jellies. it’s like they’re trying to put lipstick on a fat pig!

  5. horst replied:

    really nice, esp look no1

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