well i’m glad

that the marc jacobs i know and love is still rockin shit out at marc by mj, cuz i don’t know WHAT is going on with the marc jacobs and louis v lines. i mean i’m all about bringing art and architecture into fashion; i’m definitely of the fashion is art school. but it still has to look good! that’s kind of the point, right? so i was glad [relieved?] to see this collection, because it’s just plain COOL – the word i like to associate with marc. [versus, say, WTF?] there’s a definite punk vibe, but in the 80’s new wave vein rather than the smokey-eyed street chic of alexander wang. here are some of my favorites: 

i love the pops of blue and green against the black and grey. it reminds me of marc’s blue hair; i wish he would have kept it!


March 4, 2008. Tags: . shows.

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