i should have known when he referenced kate moss

so who else thinks that it is totally freakin awesome [and c’mon, a little cute] that kanye west is so into fashion and goes to all the shows? well i do. he always looks fresh and his fiancee alexis is no slob either. [although i must say i’m not a fan of her ghita line.] 

read kanye’s blog; it’s full of fashion week stuff and other aesthetically pleasing things.

seriously how awesome? kanye with victor and rolf! :D

more at style.com

more at wire.com

a harper’s bazaar article on kanye and alexis
[check it out if you want to see what a customized louis vuitton drum machine looks like. yeah.]

you go, kanye.


March 3, 2008. Tags: , , , . dudes, muses, shows.


  1. Jessie replied:

    although i’m not a huge fan of kanye, i like that he’s so interested in fashion and truly wants to be a part of the fashionworld.. plus he still respects balenciaga although they refused him- that’s kind of cute ;)

  2. modealabroke replied:

    yeah that quote definitely made me smile. :D

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