file under: more stuff only the olsens look good in

alright, i know this is kind of one of those ridiculous fantasy purchases that may not be entirely practical, [ie: i may never be able to get out of these once i’m in.] but i’m totally into the seemingly s&m inspired motif this season, what with the studded gladiator heels and black leather. i keep thinking about these amazing leather/pleather/latex leggings! i know they’d be ridiculously hard to pull off because they are so unflattering to people who have… y’know, thighs, but come ON! how cool would they look with a long thin t-shirt and my silver pyramid stud necklace? sexy rocker, non? i’m all about it. but i’m having an extremely hard time finding a pair, affordable or not. these ones from american apparel are as close as i can find, but i don’t think they are what i’m looking for. the material seems too light and tight and the waist is ridiculously high. i want some scrunch in mine, more like pants than leggings i guess. ah well. hopefully it won’t be spring by the time i find some, because by then they will just meld right on to my skin, for an all day thighs-sticking-to-leather-car-seats feel. yum!

topshop unique


by the way, the above line [whose leggings are out of stock :(] is very cool, werkin’ that casual but sexy vibe. check itttt. 


March 2, 2008. Tags: , , . lines, products.

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