fall 2008 favorites

proenza schouler

one of my favorite collections. very cool, very fall. kind of reminded me of a burberry prorsum collection from a while back. very wearable stuff.

 karen walker

cute and girly in that spunky cool chick way.

benjamin cho

irreverent, cool, colorful, and most of all just plain fun to look at. i’m obsessed with that deer head thing. i liked this collection because it’s got some artsy/conceptual elements but they’re not so “out there” that they leave you with that “i don’t get it…” feeling. a little kooky in a way that makes you smile. :)

matthew williamson

not very cohesive, but definitely some cool ideas. i dig the digital flower/outdoors wear stuff. i like the cool colors, and that electric tree dress is just crazy awesome. definitely crazy. the last dress i love, and would actually wear. :D

vivienne tam

hahaaa! seriously how could you not love this collection. you’ve got the usual gorgeous and wearable dresses you can expect from tam, and then those amazingly irreverent and whimiscal disney inspired dresses. i love clothing with a sense of humor. [plus tam is just so damn cute.]


very pretty stuff from marchesa, as can be expected. a lot of the collection evoked sea-vegetation imagery for me, in the best way possible. you know, those flowing underwater gardens and weird little tube animals/plants? well i see it anyways… lovely colors and details. also a preggers jessica alba wore this one to the oscars, and i thought she looked fantastic:

yigal azrouel

probably my favorite fall collection. like proenza, very much an autumn collection, with the colors and layering. also very wearable. love the grungy grey dress over black tights. oh and yep that’s my boy cole mohr right there. post dedicated to him soon. ;D

alexander mcqueen

SUCH A COOL COLLECTION! mcqueen again proves himself the true badass of fashion. this is what i call a show. there are some obvious royalty/victorian and alice in wonderland/lost in the woods themes. so fun and cool and AWESOME. mqueen pulls it off flawlessly.


and so my love affair with paulo melim andersson persists. i am continually impressed with chloe’s ability to blend the feminine/beautiful with the quirky and downright cool.

rue du mail

i can’t believe i’ve never discovered rue du mail before! this my shit! :P it’s dark but pretty and not too heavy. i love it.


a little wacky in a very cool way. definitely a visually stimulating show. i love the rolled sleeved look. some of it actually reminds me of balenciaga in a way, with the color/shape contrast. anyhow very interesting. i think it would make an excellent editorial.

so creative, so cool, and very pretty in that weird-art-school-girl sort of way.


March 2, 2008. shows.

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