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March 26, 2008. outfits. 4 comments.

outlandish obsession #983235

 proenza schouler wedge sandals, about $430

ridiculous? yeah.
ridiculously awesome? hell yeah.

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photos via jak & jil and yoox

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half price sushi night

hell yeah. 

little sister’s review: “oh my god those shoes do NOT match.”

March 25, 2008. outfits. 1 comment.

i thought you looked familiar…

topshop animal print jacket, 60 euro:

alexander wang leopard print blazer, 318 dollars, on sale:


of course copycat fashion is nothing new, especially to those avid h&m fans such as myself. it even seems like a trademark of our generation, which could be good, and bad. high style for the masses, but at what expense to the real designers? 
target, topshop, forever21, h&m – all these stores have built their modern empires on theiving ideas from designers and selling them for a fraction of the price. it’s brilliant, really. fashion plagarism is much easier to get away with than stealing someone else’s term paper, and a lot more lucrative.
for me it’s a bit of a moral crux. but one that’s easily overcome, decided by the contents of my wallet. sure, i love alexander wang. but do i have 300 dollars to fork over in support of his creative endeavors? helllls no. so back i go to those shining meccas of budget fashion. and truly i do believe that it is essentially a good idea to bring high fashion to those who have the appreciation but lack the funds. i will freely admit that i have purchased plenty of items whose inspiration i could easily guess, or who followed a definite trend. and that is great. i like to think of it in a marxist way, yknow? us poor folks are overthrowing those bourgeosie designers and taking what we deserve. everyone has a right to high fashion! vive la revolution! but when it gets as close as this, well i’m not sure.
i am definitely of the “fashion is art” school. and i don’t think van gogh would appreciate someone going around selling a paint by numbers version of starry night. but while van gogh is dead and gone, alexander wang [lucky for us, and topshop] is still alive and kicking, and designing and getting ripped off.
i often wonder how designers feel when they see some cheaply made rendition of one of their pieces walking down the street. is it the bastard child they never wanted to come knocking at their door? or is it like a little ego boost to know that you were the original who inspired that outfit worn by an admiring but penniless college student? hmm. i’d love to know.
to reconcile my morals and elitism with my destitution, i tell myself that as long as i know who’s original idea this $30 polyester rag was inspired by, it’s okay. but really i dream of a day when i can support my favorite designers and assuage my style snobbery by buying the real deal. until then, i’ll be at the mall. sorry alex.

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urban decay

sometimes this is what it feels like to be alive:

i really love amy casey’s work. it’s kind of sad and eerie but hopeful at the same time. and she lives in cleveland! [near me.] not sure why anyone would choose to move there, but if it inspires these paintings then i can’t complain. :)

March 23, 2008. art. 3 comments.

good vibrations

two awesome lookbooks for spring:

mike and chris

i’m obsessed with the edwin dress, above.


sunshine and shadow

i’m a huge fan of sunshine & shadow. everything looks so fresh and cool and modern without trying too hard. i love the prints and the square buttons in the spring collection. definitely could have picked better shoes for this though.

March 15, 2008. lines. 5 comments.

we’re ch-uh-ained, we’re ch-aaaaained

speaking of erin wasson [well i was, anyway] i’ve been hearing a lot about her new jewelry line, lovelux. now i love erin and her work with alexander wang, but does anyone else think it’s kind of stupid? i mean i dig the crown of thorns, because, come on, that’s just awesome, but body chains? just the phrase evokes images such as this:


if you didn’t just throw up in your mouth a little, we probably can’t be friends.

the chains are supposed to go for around a thousand dollars, which is friggen ridiculous. but because i like erin and i love alex, here are some fun vids to watch:

nylontv + alexander wang
who what wear fashion week
refinery29 my style
style studio with erin and alex


more info on insanely overpriced body jewelry and insansely cool models/skaters turned stylists from elle, more pictures at fashiontoast

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model ink

so i was perusing images and trivia about my favorite models on the model manual at, when i found this photo of freja: [who, by the way, the model manual classifies under “bad girl” status]


the tattoo says “float”, and i like it a lot. here is a great post by tinzzle that documents all [hmm… maybe not…] eight of freja’s tattoos, all of which are really cool. i did some sleuthing [read: googling] and found that some of my other favorite models have tattoos:

^ daria’s foot

more daria
erin wasson’s ink

and of course my lover cole’s sexy but confusing tattoos:


here is a thread on the fashion spot about models with tattoos and here is an article in the cut about model ink

i’m all for tattoos as long as they aren’t tacky. freja’s are really simple and cool. which is to be expected, i suppose:


…girl crush!

i’ll have to do a post on all my favorite models soon.
i wonder if it says anything about me that most of them are classified as “bad girls”… tee hee.

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heard in the halls:

“BLUE pants?!”

can i get a hell yeah from the suburbs?

five months until my escape from the land of uggs and hideous coach bags…

March 14, 2008. outfits. 1 comment.

wonder if mendeleev would’ve rocked one

style and wit? you’ve got me.

periodic rings by ITSNONAME

more at refinery29

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