le smoking

two articles that did nicely to satiate my obsession with carine roitfeld [along with her daughter, julia restoin-roitfeld]:

ny times

the guardian

[i actually prefer the earlier one from the guardian.]

ahhh that sweet white lace with the badass leather and tights just GETS ME. i’m such a sucker for juxtaposition. masculine/feminine? tough/luxe? dark/light? grungy/bright? any sort of contrast and i’m all the fuck over it.

also here is an excellent post from fashiontoast with some amazing vogue paris scans and other fun stuff.


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another reason to use my border’s rewards card

the olsens’ coffee table style book

woohoo! terry richardson’s in it!

i’m essited.


^ i need absolutely every item in this picture. that outfit is like the epitome of cool.

by the way if you didn’t pick up the mary kate issue of nylon you need to get your hands on it asap. actually if you aren’t already getting nylon we have a huge problem. but i’ll go into my nylon fanboy obsession some other time. anyhow, GREAT article and really cool shoot.

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go read my freshly received nylon with rachel bilson [OMFGZ!!! right?] on the cover. yes!

*thanks :)

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